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TDE is a NETA Accredited Company, providing the finest in Electrical Professional Engineers (P.E.’s) and NETA Certified Technicians.

TDE provides Electrical Engineering and Technical Services on advanced electrical apparatus such as:

  • Synchronous Motors and Generators.
  • Complete design of Substation and Generator systems.
  • Off-line and On-line Partial Discharge Analysis on Rotating Apparatus.
  • Complex Microprocessor Relay Programming and Testing using Doble relay test equipment.
  • Engineering Microprocessor Relay Protection systems and retrofitting into existing systems.
  • Oil, Vacuum, and Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Circuit Breaker Testing and Time Travel Analysis.
  • Complete Transformer Analysis, including Doble Power Factor Testing, Impedance Determination, and Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA).
  • Nationally Certified Cable Splicing, certified by National Cable Splicing Certification Board.
  • Cable testing and analysis using Very Low Frequency (VLF), VLF TAN-Delta, and Partial Discharge Testing.

TDE accepts responsibility for the satisfaction of its customers. We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and maintaining a company culture that fosters continuous improvement. Our objective is to deliver defect-free services on time, every time.

Did You Know?
TDE supports many critical industries, with our core customers located in Southern California. TDE’s clients include oil refineries, pipeline facilities, shipping, and marine industries, aerospace and defense contractors, air separation plants, utility producers, industrial plants, and commercial sites. With TDE’s long history of being a premier engineering and technical service provider, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with the following:

  • SAFETY Our commitment to work safe, our stringent safety policies and procedures, and our exemplary safety record, make us a contractor of choice for many large corporations.
  • QUALITY Our commitment to producing quality work and making us proud of ourselves. TDE has taken great pride in selecting its staff. Our staff consists of engineering and technical individuals formally educated and trained to meet the rigorous demands of the electrical industry.
  • SATISFACTION Our commitment to achieving our customer’s satisfaction is our satisfaction. Our goal is to serve our customers with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and HARD WORK. Our human resources, energy, and ingenuity determine the true wealth and gauge of our company’s capabilities.

TDE delivers proven performance in the following lines of services:

What many of our customers don’t know is that we have been working tirelessly to expand our range of services.

Our goal is to become your first choice for all of your specialized electrical service needs.

We want our customers to have the peace of mind knowing it will only take one call to get the job done.


  • Test Data Management, using PowerDB and other industry-recognized technical database solutions
  • Relay Services, including Doble, Enoserv, RTS, and ETAP software applications
  • Safety & Technical Training, including NFPA 70E and range of customized technical topics
  • Oil Diagnostics & Leak Repairs, utilizing the latest infrared, ultrasound, and partial discharge methods
  • Field Motor Services, analyzing and repairing issues with rotating synchronous machines